8 Drizzanks to Toast MLK With This Monday

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Y’all nibbas looking to celebrate the patron saint of ingratitude this MLK Day, but not quite sure which adult beverage to toss down your gullet? Let our guide below steer you in the right direction, so you can properly pay tribute to America’s favorite Commie coon!


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7 Fly-Infested Shithole Countries in Need of a Wipe (You Could Have Guessed, They’re All #2!)

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Trump is absolutely correct. Some countries are abysmal shitholes and their people don’t belong here. They bring their shitty cultures, their shitty crime, and they don’t assimilate well. Here are 7 Porta-Potty nations that BuzzFash would like to see flushed in 2018:


1) Yemen

A breeding ground for terrorism, Yemen is one of the most dangerous countries in the world. They certainly aren’t sending their best into western nations, they’re sending their “most likely to drive a truck of peace into a crowd of teenage girls”.


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Dolf and Benny


8 Aryan Pictures that Prove Styx is /Ourguy/

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BuzzFash has your number Styxhexenhammer666! You play the mild mannered libertarian voluntaryist on your YouTube channel, but your shirtless antics are proof enough for us that you’re secretly /ourguy/! Here are 8 shirtless photographs of ideal Aryans as evidence.

1. Aryans Marching 

It has always been considered good fascist aesthetics to march without a shirt.

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The 7 Sexiest Confederate Civil War Generals (Did Your Fave Make The Cut?)

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With all the controversy rightly surrounding the removal of confederate monuments, we’ve perhaps neglected to remember WHO these statues represent… and they happen to be damn sexy fellows. Thankfully, you have BuzzFash to remind you exactly who the most alluring confederate Civil War generals were.

*historical accuracy not guaranteed

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8 Spells from Harry Potter and the Coming Race War That You Can’t Wait to Cast

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Rumors have long swirled that J. K. Rowling has penned a final chapter for the Harry Potter book and movie series. We here at BuzzFash got a sneak preview, and just had to share these new bits of magic coming to a black-lady-whoopin’-and-hollerin’ theater near you!


1. Negresce!

Do you and your crew plan to infiltrate the next Black Lives Matter march? If so, be sure to cast this enchantment on yourselves first. It turns you black for a day, which will make gathering intel on the rowdy Ungratefuls easier than picking clean a cotton burr. However, be warned, as the attendant drop in IQ may hamper any complex strategy you’ve thought up.

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Dolf and Benny


7 Flavours of Soyboy to Trigger Your Gag Reflex

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The excessive consumption of soy in today’s society has led to a wide variety of adverse effects on males everywhere. We at Buzzfash sat down and had a look at some of the most prevalent archetypes:


1. The Nu-Gamer

Predominantly concerned with the amount of POC representation in video games, as well as wanting to elevate video games into an artform, this particular iteration of soyboy pretends to love Wolfenstein II for its diverse judeo-communist cast, but never actually bought the game.

Most of his “gaming” consists of Angry Birds.

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8 Colors Sargon of Akkad is Too Smol Brain to Recognize

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On the night of January 4th, 2018, it became apparent to all viewers of Soygon’s YouTube LiveStream with Richard Spencer, JF Gariépy, Millennial Woes, and a few forgettable names, that the classical liberal (read: effete cuck) has more trouble identifying colors than Helen Keller in a sandstorm at night. He especially has trouble when the colors are related to race.

The following is a pictorial guide to help the poor feller out.


1. Urple


Like an eggplant in the sun

2. High Yella


He is not authorized for that eye color

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4 Serf Chores Richard Spencer Will Totally Excel at on the Ethnostate Feudal Manor

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Sargon of Akkad thinks that Richard Spencer would make a great Feudal Serf. BuzzFash agrees! Check out these chores that we think Spencer should master.

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