Drafting & Publishing Posts on BuzzFash
(or basically any WordPress site)
& FAQs


Part I

  1. First, the Administrator (me for now) takes your email and byline and gives you User privileges as Author or Editor. You get an email message that tells you to log in (link) and set your password.
  2. When you log in at, you see the Dashboard. Let’s say you want to start writing a New Post.

Starting a new post: you can click on Posts at left, or New up top. Either works.


3. You write your title and article in the areas provided. You can save the Draft and preview it (buttons on right of screen).

It’s good to save the Draft from time to time.

Part II

4. Sometimes you’ll want to insert an image, probably one you’ve saved to your desktop, or that you have a URL link to.
Use the Add Media button to add the image to the Library, and Insert it.

Add Media button lets you Upload and Insert images.

5. The image gets added to the Library, and you now Insert it. When it’s inserted you can click on it again and make it align left or right, and have text wrap around it.

“Insert into post” button at lower right.

You can change the size or add a caption with the pencil icon. You can change the position with the other icons, or just delete the image with X.

Part III

6. And that’s pretty much it! You can save your Draft and Preview it, or even Publish it and then come back and revise it later.
Pick one or two Categories that the article falls into. Most Buzzfast articles are listicles! You can also add “tags” down below, for any special names or references.

Right panels: Save Draft, Preview, Publish; tick Categories and add Tags.

Miscellaneous FAQs

How do get back in and revise my article?

If you’re logged out, log back in again at, and you’ll see the Dashboard. On the left, Posts>All Posts will list all the posts you can revise.

If you’re still logged in now, you can just click back into the Dashboard from the menu on top. Either use Edit Post  in the top menu, or else go to the upper left corner, hover over, and choose Dashboard from the dropdown. Then find your post in Posts>All Posts.

How do I get a little profile picture accompanying my articles?

Go to, and register, or if you already have an account, just add the email and image you wish to use. Choose that image as the active picture associated with the e-mail, and it should start to show on Buzzfash in a few minutes.


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