9 Sources More Reliable than the ADL

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It is no secret that the ADL was formed to defend a Jew murderer who ended up getting some old-fashioned Anglo-Saxon justice. BuzzFash does not endorse, but we understand. In the Current Year, this J-Supremacist organisation is treated by the J-Supremacist media as a gospel source of information. Here are X sources that are in fact more reliable than the ADL when it comes to the truth.

1. Russian babushkas


They’re notorious for knowing everything about everybody.

2. Natural News


Purveyor of the naturalistic fallacy, this oft-maligned publication stumbles on the truth much more often.

3. Tramp on the street corner


I’m far more inclined to believe he’s the Second Coming of Vishnu Hitler than the “””fact””” that white men are responsible for more terrorist attacks than Muslims.

4. Renegade Tribune


Flat Earthers have more credibility than anti-White J-Supremacists

5. Ancient undeciphered scripts


From Linear A to Chinese Banpu symbols to the Olmec script, even though we have no idea what any of the writing says, we can rest assured they’re not full of as many outright lies as an average ADL publication.

6. The History Channel


Ancient astronauts are more real than all those “””alt-right””” mass-murderers.

7. Cloud formations


You see a horse, I see a non-subversive viewpoint.

8. Greek Oracles


They’d never tell you the helots were unfairly oppressed.

9. Entrail readings


Chicken offal is far more honest than J-Supremacists.


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