18 Worst Types Of Instagram Thots

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Instagram is an empty-skulled narcissistic thot’s preferred platform from which to seek global attention, from thirsty NEETs to horny Pajeets. Here are the 18 worst types of offenders.

1. MILF Thot

She’s given birth and feels an unquenchable thirst to prove she’s still hot. It’ll be super comfortable for her kids when their friends eventually discover her account.

2. Jailbait Thot

Who allows the posting of alluring teenager pics on the world’s most prominent imaging platform? Jews, probably.

3. Kardashian Thot

Lampposts would be too kind a fate for these incurable mudsharks.

4. Makeup Thot

This paint and spackle sorcery neither fools nor tempts us.

5. Older Celebrity Thot

We get it: you still look good. Consider fading away now, while you can do so gracefully.

6. Fitness Thot

A girl who can outlift you. What man doesn’t want that?

7. Muslim Thot

Isn’t this illegal in her medieval society, and punishable by a good stoning?

8. Mudshark Thot

She betrays her race, virtue signals about it, and disgraces her father – all in one picture.

9. Racially Ambiguous Thot

What IS she, other than an evil temptress?

10. Liberal Thot

Piercings, body hair, a penchant for pearl diving. No gracias!

11. Body Positivity Thot

She’s not thicc; she’s fat. She needs to stop seeking validation as well as stuffing her face.

12. Hebrew Thot

She’s Jewish, AND a woman!

13. Trad Thot

She tells you about her conservative values while publicly preening for orbiters.

14. Tattoo Thot

Nothing screams “awesome future mom” like a woman covered head-to-toe in tawdry ink.

15. Yoga Thot

“I’m not religious, but I am spiritual. Namaste, bitches!”

16. Drug Thot

Running from themselves, AND the law!

17. Nerd Thot

Successfully baiting men with the “girl next door” thing since the invention of vidya.

18. Black Thot

C’mon Shaniqua, not even the kangz are biting.

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