10 Shitholes Women’s Marchers Should Demonstrate In


Feminists screech about “wymyn’s problems”. Rape is a major problem for women, so here at BuzzFash, we think feminists should focus on what really matters. Let’s ask ourselves, which countries could do with a pussy hat march against rape? They’re all guaranteed great weather, that’s for sure.

Note: We’re judging shitholes here by rape incidents per 100,000.

10. Grenada

An island paradise? Not if you have lady parts, at the rape incidence rate of 30.6/100,000.

9. Nicaragua

Famous for some BASED right wing death squads, coming in at 31.6/100,000.

8. Costa Rica

Coffee, coke, and rape, with the rate of 36.7/100,000.

7. Suriname

This shithole no one’s ever heard of comes in at a respectable rape incidence rate of 45.2/100,000.

6. Sweden

Europe’s premier aspiring shithole clocks in at 63.5/100,000. Circled is the typical ethnic appearance of the typical rapist in Sweden.

5. Bermuda

Another island paradise, where rape is abundant like white sandy beaches, with the rate of 67.3/100,000.

4. Swaziland

Swaziland should be called muhdikland at the rate of 77.5/100,000.

3. Lesotho

Lesotho? More like let’s not, though. The rate is 82.7/100,000.

2. Botswana

Botswhat now? The rate in this sleepy African shithole libertarians like to point to as some sort of success story is 92.9/100,000.

1. South Africa

At number 1, the home of contemporary white genocide and a warning of the future that awaits all white people, the once-great nation of South Africa. It’s now an all-around shithole created by uncontrolled Bantu immigration, at a rape incident rate of 132.4/100,000.


Of course, this is not an exhaustive list, and more up to date statistics might include other shitholes, while other such wonderful places don’t even have statistics to keep.


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