14 Most Repulsive Women’s March Signs

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It’s epic in its lack of self-awareness. It’s revolting, profane, and inane virtue-signaling at its worst. It’s the Women’s March. Here are some of the worst signs seen at it, but please, view at your own risk. We don’t know anyone who has gone blind from a blog post, but there’s a first time for everything.

Yes. Yes it is.


Making us think about this bag’s gash is the true punishment here.


Fact check: false.


Luckily for us, the gaping maw of the afterlife does want you back.


I understand nothing about this creature, or its sign.


This woman gives us actual erectile dysfunction.


That’s because Nazis aren’t masochists.


Try this bit in Saudi Arabia.  Better yet, migrate to Israel!


Trump isn’t qualified to be President, but you endorse a fictional wizard. Got it.


OK this may be from another march, and also photoshopped, but we buy it.


That’s a clever “pun-anny” you’ve got there.


Sorry bitch, science says babies are literally bigots.


Thou shalt not murder white babies.

-White Nationalism 14:88


Dear White Women: all the virtue signaling in the world will never save you from their non-white hatred. They’re not your allies or advocates. We are.


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