7 Songs You Can’t Forget on Your MLK Day Playlist

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Folks of all colors and creeds want nothing more than to shuck and jive with authenticity on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. To this end, below are listed the tunes that must be played on this high holy day of ingratitude.


1. Celebration by Kool and the Gang

The All-Black Village People


2. Bugaboo by Destiny’s Child

Proto-twerking sheboons


3. Gangsta’s Paradise by Coolio

El Diabo Negro


4. The Electric Slide (Boogie) by Marcia Griffiths

Actually a nog dance, wedding-goers


5. Notorious by The Notorious B. I. G.

If the bullets hadn’t ended him, it would have been congestive heart failure


6. California Love by 2Pac

Added to list so it wouldn’t look like we took sides in the Biggie-2Pac feud


7. Fuck Tha Police by N. W. A.

Have any of us yet met a nigga without attitude?

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