7 Fly-Infested Shithole Countries in Need of a Wipe (You Could Have Guessed, They’re All #2!)

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Trump is absolutely correct. Some countries are abysmal shitholes and their people don’t belong here. They bring their shitty cultures, their shitty crime, and they don’t assimilate well. Here are 7 Porta-Potty nations that BuzzFash would like to see flushed in 2018:


1) Yemen

A breeding ground for terrorism, Yemen is one of the most dangerous countries in the world. They certainly aren’t sending their best into western nations, they’re sending their “most likely to drive a truck of peace into a crowd of teenage girls”.


2) Congo

If you think Detroit is a shithole, it is nothing compared to the Congo. Congo, on a national scale, is a perfect example of what happens when you let negroes run things. Chaos, poverty, anarchy, and roving gangs of thugs. Yep, just like Detroit.


3) Somalia

Holy crusted poopchutes, Batman! The shitpiles are everywhere in Somalia. It may have something to do with their average IQ being 68, roughly that of a White person with Down Syndrome.


4) Guatemala

Sorry, not sorry. Squatemalans were ripping out the hearts of human sacrifices only a few hundred years ago. They can stay in their shitberg country.


5) El Salvador

Nope, we ain’t doin’ that. Maybe China can take all 200,000 of our deportees and build a leaf blower army that will conquer the world.


6) Haiti

Anderson Cooper would likely say these people are great because they were the first to abolish slavery in the Americas. He’d, of course, fail to mention how many French plantation owners (and their wives and children) were brutally slaughtered during the slave rebellion. We suspect he probably already has GRIDS though, so importing infected Haitians isn’t a concern for him.


7) Greater Pajeetland

Pajeets in general…It really doesn’t matter what country they are from, be they Pakis, Indians, or from Bangladesh. Street-shitters are the shittiest of the shit. We don’t need them here and we don’t need them to help us set up our new wi-fi router when we call tech support.

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