8 Aryan Pictures that Prove Styx is /Ourguy/

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BuzzFash has your number Styxhexenhammer666! You play the mild mannered libertarian voluntaryist on your YouTube channel, but your shirtless antics are proof enough for us that you’re secretly /ourguy/! Here are 8 shirtless photographs of ideal Aryans as evidence.

1. Aryans Marching 

It has always been considered good fascist aesthetics to march without a shirt.

2. Standing Around in a Field

The Aryan man is clearly at his best when searching for wheat field maidens without his shirt on.


3. Youth Training

Youth training is a true fascist tradition. Doing it without a shirt on is just that much more fashy.


4. Working in the Woods

We’re not sure what it is exactly they are doing, but it appears to be working and it is in the woods, without shirts on.


5. Riding Bicycles

What is more fashy than Aryan men on bicycles? Aryan men on bicycles without their shirts on.


6. Riding Camels

Riding camels shirtless made the list as well, just ahead of smoking Camels.


7. Youth Doing Sports

Aryan youth playing sports together shirtless is fashy af, no pedo or homo.


8. Curb Stomping

Truly Aryan, especially shirtless.

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