4 Serf Chores Richard Spencer Will Totally Excel at on the Ethnostate Feudal Manor

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Sargon of Akkad thinks that Richard Spencer would make a great Feudal Serf. BuzzFash agrees! Check out these chores that we think Spencer should master.

1. Milking cows

Milk is very huwyte. We think Spencer should learn to milk cows.

2. Meme farming

Clearly, Spencer will have to focus on his meme tending skills if he is to be a proper meme serf.

3. Churning controversy

We suggest that he sticks to what he is good at, and that is churning up controversy.

4. Plowing

Seeing how Richard Spencer plowed right over all of Sargon’s strawman tactics, we’re sure you will agree that he would be strong on the plow.

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