8 Colors Sargon of Akkad is Too Smol Brain to Recognize

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On the night of January 4th, 2018, it became apparent to all viewers of Soygon’s YouTube LiveStream with Richard Spencer, JF Gariépy, Millennial Woes, and a few forgettable names, that the classical liberal (read: effete cuck) has more trouble identifying colors than Helen Keller in a sandstorm at night. He especially has trouble when the colors are related to race.

The following is a pictorial guide to help the poor feller out.


1. Urple


Like an eggplant in the sun

2. High Yella


He is not authorized for that eye color

3. Injun Red


‘How’ could you not know this one?

4. Blue-Black


So black, it’s blue

5. Yerrow


Trini’s death was the inevitable result of driving while Asian and female

6. Redbone


Similar to high yella, and just as non-White

7. Tan


This is what you get when melanin is publicly worshiped

8. Huhwhite


He gets into the ethnostate

If ole Soygon of Cukkad still cannot identify racial colors after reading this, then we here at BuzzFash suggest an optometrist. There are plenty for him to choose from in the comments section following any Alt-Right article on Charlottesville.

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