9 Types of People Who Are Still Libertarians in 2018

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Let’s face it, the libertarian movement’s final nail in the coffin was Trump’s campaign. Still, a few stragglers remain.

1. The Beltway/Cato Institute Shill

Funded by a Shekelstein to push the globalist open borders anti-white message, the Beltway Libertarian does this for a living.

2. The Pothead

Dude, weed lmao.

3. The Austrian Autiste

He successfully predicted 20 out of the last 3 recessions and has a safe full of Peter Schiff’s gold certificates.

4. The Pill-Pusher Alt Light Hack

Have you bought his book, “Macaque Mindframe”? Now buy his super male vitality pills. Chantheth are he thpeakth with a lithp.

5. The Non-Binary Trans-Unicorn Demi-Queen

The left-libertarian apotheosis.

6. The Navelgazer Voluntaryist

Don’t disturb him, he’s taking a NAP. The NAP is more important than anything.

7. The Left-behind Tea Partier

Party like it’s the 2010 mid-terms.

8. The Bugman Individualist

He works in Silicon Valley and hides his real opinions from his HR lady.

9. The Libertarian Party True Believer

As appealing as he is persuasive, the True Believer will make you see the error of your ways, you Nazi bigot!


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