6 Things We Lost in 2017 (And One That We Got Back)

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2017 was a volatile year for the Alt Right as we made waves and rocked some boats. ZOG came out in full force to deplatform white nationalism and get us off the Internet. Doxing created conditions that put the movement in danger, but thankfully wypipo have agency that can’t be measured by conventional means, and we’ve persevered.

Here are 6 things that were lost, some temporarily. We are happy here at BuzzFash that number 6 had a happy ending!

1. PayPal

The Jews over at PayPal deplatformed the Alt-Right and made it more difficult for us to make financial transactions with each other. Thankfully we bounced back with our own sites like Hatreon and GoyFundMe to keep the flow of ideas and money going.

2. DailyStormer.com

Those disgusting kikes wouldn’t let up with the shuttening of alt-right websites, and have harassed Andrew Anglin off of multiple domains starting with his dot com address. But Anglin has masterfully kept the site afloat by registering new domains quickly, by maintaining a presence on the dark web through Tor, and by mirroring techniques like Samizdat. He’s also invigorated Gab with his presence.

3. Weev

Perhaps most egregiously, the shuttening un-personed Andrew Auernheimer, aka Weev. An indispensable resource in the movement, Weev was driven off of Facebook, Twitter, and eventually even Gab. Thankfully Weev still has a presence with Daily Stormer and donates his many technical skills to maintaining our internet infrastructure.

4. Alt-Right Twitter

Perhaps over-hyped but nonetheless real, the ominous December shuttening of alt-right Twitter accounts came and went with some casualties, but also left some accounts untouched. Thankfully (other than the Weev incident earlier this year) Gab has been true to its word by providing a free-speech alternative to Twitter.

5. Christopher Cantwell

After the Charlottesville Unite the Right Rally, we temporarily lost Christopher Cantwell for several months as he was unjustly held by ZOG in prison for phony charges. Luckily he was bonded and released in December but will face charges in 2018. Wish our friend Chris well and donate to one of his fundraiser options by visiting his site here.

6. Fash the Nation

Shwew, we dodged a bullet earlier this year when Fash the Nation went silent for several months after Doxgate. Thankfully the number one alt-right podcast is back and better than ever!

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