10 White Nationalist Resolutions For The Next Current Year

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Once you’ve been completely red pilled, there’s no turning back. You can either wallow in pity for the grave state of the White race (and thus, the future of the world), or you can decide to be a warrior, fighting to preserve your people’s history and future. Resolve to do the following things in the next current year, and you’ll be a stronger race crusader.

1. Train Your Body

We’re not just talking about your muscular gains. Improve your cardiovascular endurance; gain flexibility and balance; practice hand-to-hand combat. Get more sleep, hydrate, and don’t eat junk. Your body is an incredible gift, so don’t waste it by consuming ZOG’s poisons and loafing all day. Bonus: it’s fun being able to beat up fetid, stoned shitbirds in skinny jeans.

2. Read Books

It’s easy to fall into the trap of only consuming information via social media and electronic screens. And while current events and shitposting are important, resolve to read not just the classics (Culture of Critique, Mein Kampf) but also the work of your enemies (Antifa: The Anti-Fascist Handbook, Rules for Radicals). Be well-rounded so that you can BTFO shitlibs and cucks in any serious conversation.

3. Brush Up On Your Skills

You may (at least, in theory) have a huge skillset: starting fires from scratch, skinning animals, replacing windows, finding edible plants – but when’s the last time you actually had to employ them? Practice your skills and learn new ones. Test them by having a buddy drop you off in the woods on a cold day with no gear (you’ll thank us later if you live).

4. Become Bugman Able

Unless you’ve gone completely off the grid – in which case you would not be reading BuzzFash – you live in today’s world. You ought to be able to navigate it even better than your enemies. You need to know bugman tricks like responsibly managing credit, paying down your highest interest debt, saving and investing, and deftly navigating insufferable conversations with normies. Dull skills like these may not be glamorous, but they’re valuable, and provide you financial foundations and protection from doxxing.

5. Feed Your Soul

Are you fueled mainly by righteous anger and justified hatred? Great! Also, consider adding more positive nourishment: meditation, nature, family, rituals, hobbies, puzzles. It doesn’t matter what it is, so long as it fulfills you on a more spiritual level.

6. Activate

We all take risks by being a part of this movement. However, there must be something you can commit to doing more of, even if you think it’s too risky to attend a public rally or put up flyers on a college campus in the name of White advocacy. Consider donating to a worthy politician, trolling journalists online, or submitting an article to your favorite Alt-Right outlet. What we lack in numbers, we should make up for in commitment.

7. Build Community

Feeling a little pale from all that time spent in front of a computer screen? It may take some courage and extreme vetting, but it’s important to find goys to add to your life. Pledge to find at least one, and rejoice in having someone else with whom you can openly talk about your mutual hostility toward Jewish power.

8. Ditch A Vice

Whatever your vice is: porn, nicotine, sugar, the Jew Tube, alcohol, compulsive Third Reich memorabilia Ebay shopping… you can dramatically improve yourself by giving something up. Being a slave is something no White man should ever be. Make your quitting plan achievable, and remind yourself that you’re doing this both for yourself and your people. Bonus: dropping any bad habit will combat the Jews, who want you to be addled and weak.

9. Philanthropy

It may seem like there’s a lot being asked of you: improve every facet of your life, goy, or the world collapses. But Whites are the only race who aren’t able to openly advocate for themselves, and as we know, there’s no such thing as White Privilege when our people are dying of hunger or Pajeet-prescribed opioids. Find a cause that’s meaningful to you and will tangibly help White people, and volunteer your time.

10. Support Your People

It may seem obvious, but think of your people when you’re about to make a purchase or hire a service. Go out of your way to hire White for everything from contracting to maintenance to doctors and dentists – you may have to pay a premium, but you’ll also get better work (duh). When deciding what gifts to buy, first consider movement merchandise. Stand up for your goys when they need assistance, financial or otherwise; further, don’t ever punch right. It’s not a good look. We’re all in this together – let’s put our money where our mouths are.

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