33 Things Black People Have Been Ruining for Ever

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Blapipo, pls stop.

1. Every country they exist in

Import blacks, get Africa.

2. Police

Why do you think the police is militarized now?

3. World history

No, you wuzn’t kangs.

4. Sports

While here on the Alt Right we’re glad that Kneelgate made normie whites cancel their sportsball subscriptions, the overwhelming blackening of sports is problematic.

5. Public transportation

It’s the Dindu Rapid Delivery Service for a reason.

6. TV and film

From Star Wars to the blackwashing of historical TV shows, stop it.

7. Shopping malls

Mall of America? More like Mall of Mogadishu.

8. Social media

#BlackTwitter, ’nuff said.

9. Memes

Blacks can’t meme.

10. Music

No, they didn’t contribute anything profound.

11. Government institutions

Looking at you, Obama.

12. The British Royal Family

‘Bout to turn that bloodline to a mudline.

13. The Democratic Party

Coalition of the Dependent.

14. Fast food

Can’t even get a Miccy D’s without getting mugged these days.

15. Basketball shoes

They are now a hard currency.

16. Headphones

Large obnoxious headphones are now normal.

17. Schools

Good schools = no blacks.

18. Nice white neighborhoods

Not welcome.

19. Fashion

Pull up those pants.

20. Universities

Venerable institutions of higher learning have been turned into hunting grounds of the problem frizzy-haired mulattoes.

21. Cuisine

Dumping grocery store spice mix on royal farms fried chicken is not gourmet cooking.

22. Antifa

Deandre Harris and flamethrower black bringing the tone down even lower.

23. Democratic Socialism

It’s for bugmen and ugly women, not blacks.

24. Jewelry

Subtlety and taste in accessorising? Not in the ghetto.

25. Feminism

How can you make cancer worse? Add uppity negresses.

26. The Eric Garner family

Who knew that not breathing was genetic?

27. The Libertarian Party

Libertarianism is way out of black IQ range.

28. The environment

Blacks care nothing for Mother Earth

29. Farming

See Africa Addios.

30. Young white women

Burn the coal, pay the toll.

31. Statistics

Per capita? Das racist.

32. The English language

See ebonics and pidgin

33. Pirates

1717: dashing cads and deeds of daring-do.
2017: Somalis

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(Thanks to Wyatt for the inspiration.)

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