5 Signs Your Date is a Male Feminist

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Here at BuzzFash we are highly concerned with finding good white men for our budding trad waifus. Societal breakdown means the traditional forms of courting are no longer widely accessible, hence the need to brave the dating scene. A danger for any future mother of white children is to encounter the male feminist in the wild. This handy guide will help you recognise and avoid.

1. “I’m a male feminist.”

The male feminist is proud of who he is, and thinks it will get him laid. He is liable to come out and say it. Run away immediately.

2. Bugman/soyboy physiognomy

Noodle arms? Skinnyfat frame? Beard to hide the weak chin? The primal fear grimace? All warning signs you’re dealing with a male feminist.

3. Going dutch

No self-respecting alpha male would allow a woman to split the bill. If a man insists on going dutch, you know he’s a modern metro bundle of sticks.

4. Unmanly concern with women’s issues

If he begins talking about “educating girls”, “the pay gap”, “women in STEM” or some similarly inane topic, it’s time to go to powder your nose and never come back.

5. Feminist literature

A good trad waifu should never enter a gentleman’s house unescorted, but if you do end up at his place, check the bookshelf. The only acceptable female non-fiction author in a man’s library is Savitri Devi.


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