8 Memeworthy Heebs of 2017

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BuzzFash declares 2017 the year of the alt-right meme. It seemed like every day this past year there were people standing in line to be targets of our troll campaigns, criticisms, and humorous observations. Many Jews stood out for their neuroses, bumblings, and the occasional good-kike points they scored. We think you’ll agree with this list!

1. Sarah Silverman

We can barely think of a more disgusting Jewess than Sarah Silverman. Her awkward show, I Love You America, has become the source of many memes as she attempts to empathize with and look comfortable around the Goyim she so hates.

2. Mark Zuckerberg

In a similar fashion as Silverman, Facebook founder and fellow human, Mark Zuckerberg, increased his meme capital as he awkwardly pretended to be a real human being in a propaganda stunt for a possible future presidential campaign.

3. Harvey Weinstein

Hollywood film mogul and confirmed kike pervert Harvey Weinstein cemented his 2017 meme status when his casting couch escapades became front page news and the source of never-ending #MeToo memes.

4. Louis C. K.

Without a doubt the funniest Jewish casualty of the Harvey Weinstein scandal was “fellow white man” , Louis C.K. Groped Gentile women and soiled potted plants everywhere turned out with #MeToo stories about this disgusting Mexican Jew.

5. Laura Loomer

It isn’t just Jewish men who are becoming #MeToo memes from all the Gentile groping. Kikess Laura Loomer has taken these Jewish rape fantasies to a whole new level by trying to actually become the object of her obsessions. Her paranoid mania overcame her to the point that she switched from slashing her own face to slashing her own tires! 

6. Stephen Miller

Even Hitler recognized NAKALT and kept honorary pet Jews. Our Trumpenfuhrer has appointed Stephen Miller as his good-boy Heeb. And before Harvey Weinstein and Louis C.K. made it fashionable for Jews to publicly rape Gentiles, Stephen Miller made our meme list when he rekt CNN shabbos goy Jim Acosta.

7. Charlottesville Jews

Perhaps our favorite overall meme of 2017 was the Unite the Right Rally in Charlottesville. No single event caused a louder chorus of “Oy Veys!” Across America, and some Jews came out of the woodwork to join us. It hasn’t been confirmed by BuzzFash that transgender Eddie “Emily” Gorcenski is Jewish, but we know he/she/it claims to have had a Jewish “partner” and an obsession with all things Jewish (and anti-fascist). He/she/it embodied all of Jewry in 2017 on the night of the Charlottesville torch march.

8. Shia LeBeouf

Despite our love for the Charlottesville Kikes, topping our list of memeworthy Jews in 2017 is shit-tier child actor turned degenerate alcoholic adult Shia LaBeouf. After the 2016 presidential election, LaBeouf created a “performance art” stunt called “He Will Not Divide Us” and live-streamed other neurotic Jews chanting like zombies in front of a webcam. Over the course of 2017, weaponized autism was deployed to troll his livestream and the flag that he eventually raised in different locations around the world.

So Shia LaBouef has the honor of being the most memeworthy Jew of 2017. We are sure you agree!

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