Year in Review! 6 Fake Lugenpresse Headlines from 2017

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As 2017 comes to a close, BuzzFash would like to look back at the year’s fake news headlines. So strap on your critical thinking hat and have a look.

1. Syrian crematoriums

Syrian Crematoriums were going to put Auschwitz to shame. Trouble is, they were fake news.

2. State secrets shared with Russia

Drumpf spilled the beans with Russians in the Oval Office! Hold the presses, this only happened in the neurotic fantasies of Jewish journalists.

3. Covfefe

Covfefe is coined by Trump and J-left journalists around the world have a meltdown.

4. Fake yearbook

Gloria Allred’s fake yearbook was the fakest news of the year.

5. Bad hombres

So many bad hombres, so little time.

6. Haitian GRIDS

6) Haitians all have the GRIDS. Every single one! 

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