6 Awesome Things About Christmas Day With Little White Kids

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Christmas with little White kids means reliving the magic from your childhood, but through the wondrous eyes of your progeny. And since the traditional celebration of Christmas is a White thing – with trees, Santa, cookies, stockings, and NO nods to anything black, Jewish, or Muslim –  it’s particularly noteworthy for BuzzFash readers. Here are some of the best things about Christmas with White children.

1. Santa

Even if they were skeptical in the days leading up to Christmas, your kids’ belief in the big jolly White man is fully reinforced when they realize that Santa pulled off a miracle to deliver presents into their home overnight. That they still believe in magic, and aren’t weighed down by the responsibility their parents carry (White Genocide is real, y’all), is blissful on Christmas morning.

2. Gratitude

Whether your kids are grateful toward you or industrious elves, it doesn’t matter. Young White kids are just happy to have gifts (even if there aren’t many), or if the elves did a particularly poor job wrapping them.

3. Christmas Movies

Classic Christmas movies will always enchant little White kids, because unless they’re written or produced by Jews, they illustrate the meaning of the holiday: generosity, love, family, Christianity, introspection, and Santa.  You can do worse than watching A Christmas Story for the 88th time.

4. Decorations

There’s nothing Whiter than sperging out on your house, inside and out, with Christmas lights and decorations. You can be profligate or resourceful; elegant or tacky; sparse or elaborate… and your little White kids will enjoy it no matter what. Their chubby faces light up when you tour the neighborhood to see how your neighbors stack up.

5. Toys

Admit it: you bought them some stuff that you’re excited to play with too. And White kids are born with the instinct to share with their in-group, so you get to play with them all day.

6. Everything Is Exciting

When Christmas finally arrives, young kids enjoy the entire day. From breakfast to dinner, presents to church, music to movies, toys to obligatory FaceTime with grandma… White children are down with the whole, magnificent day.

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