10 Ways To Bond With Your Shitlord Bros (No Homo)

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Thanks to Jewish subversion of our culture, any gathering of men today is presumed to be gay. It’s time to reclaim the Mannerbund, because there is nothing healthier or more normal than upstanding White men assembling both for fun AND to combat Jewish tricks. Here are 10 great activities for bonding with your fellow shitlords.

1. Hate Hikes

Hit the trail with water and bear mace for some fresh air and honest exercise. Bonus: it’s free, and you’re unlikely to encounter much diversity.

2. Shooting

You can practically smell it: eviscerated paper targets, calloused fingers, gunpowder residue, spent casings, an unrivaled sense of macho satisfaction. Train for RAHOWA together and be brothers for life.

3. Sports

This isn’t about cucking for sportsball and rooting for Jamal to make it to the end zone. Form a shitlord softball team, or pick a sport like basketball that doesn’t require big numbers or expensive equipment (sorry, hockey).  Or even attend a local high school or Little League game and cheer only for the White kids.

4. Lifting

Becoming stronger as individuals makes you stronger as a team. Pick up some heavy shit together. Repeatedly.

5. Game Night


Board games are a very Germanic thing.  Don’t let Schlomo win by thinking that sitting around a game of Risk is dorky. Or: play your favorite college card games or set up a weekly poker night.

6. Activism

Nothing brings men together like the risk of getting caught doing something. Put up some IOKTBW fliers or attend a rally to really get the adrenaline pumping.

7. Hunting & Fishing

Practice killing, catching, and preparing your own food. It’s a valuable skill, and masculine AF.

8. Camping

There’s something about sitting around a fire, detached from the nightmarish hellscape that is our modern world, that brings out some of the strongest male feels.

9. Head To A Bar

There’s a reason men like bars: alcohol! It loosens up those autistic lips, and there’s a veil of anonymity if you’re meeting new goys.

10. Get Together With Your Sons

You’ll be astonished at how much your buddy can teach your son, and you his. It’s a team effort to properly educate Generation Zyklon. Take turns doing whatever is in your wheelhouse of expertise.

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