5 Interesting Tidbits Uncovered About Andrew Anglin Stalker Luke O’Brien

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Earlier this month, The Atlantic infamously printed a tabloid smear piece about patriotic, heroic white archetype and famed Republican journalist Andrew Anglin. It was quickly revealed that the unpaid Huff-Post blogger and writer of this sophomoric fluff, Luke O’Brien, has been obsessively stalking Anglin for the better part of a year. Here at BuzzFash we decided to send our sleuth reporters to speak to sources close to Mr. O’Brien, to understand him and what makes him tick, and lo and behold we uncovered these 5 juicy nuggets to share with you today!

1. Booger collector

A childhood friend of Mr. O’Brien revealed that a large prized booger collection was proudly displayed on a shelf in his bedroom when he was in the 3rd grade. We wonder if Mr. O’Brien kept this trophy, or if money has been tight due to his failed attempts at journalism and he had to eat them to prevent starvation.

2. Mary Kay Cosmetics pusher

A former Mary Kay Cosmetics salesperson disclosed that Luke’s first career goal was to break through as a make-up entrepreneur. A failure at everything it seems, word is that today he drives an early 80s model Pink Cadillac as solace for his shortcomings.

3. Kathy Kinney stalker

As it turns out, Andrew Anglin is not the only victim of Luke O’Brien’s obsessions. A document provided to BuzzFash by sources close to the situation indicates that famed Drew Carey actress Kathy Kinney, who played Mimi on the show, was stalked by Mr. O’Brien. We can only hope he was trying to boost his Mary Kay sales…and as of this writing she has not tweeted #MeToo to come clean with an accusation.

4. Milli Vanilli fanclub member

Early online posts traced back to Mr. O’Brien indicate that Andrew Anglin and Kathy Kinney are not the only obsessions that Mr. O’Brien has been guilty of. His status as a card carrying member of the Milli Vanilli fan club was no secret to message board participants in the late 90s.

5. Verne Troyer’s twink

5) Perhaps the most insightful revelation about Luke O’Brien’s obsession with small stature bald men is his history with Austin Powers Mini-Me actor Verne Troyer. Video evidence provided to BuzzFash of what appears to be Luke humping the leg of Mr. Troyer indicates a potential homosexual relationship between the two men. If the stalking of Andrew Anglin is any indication, it is clear that a pattern of behavior exists with this disturbed individual.

We here at BuzzFash hope you find peace Mr. O’Brien.

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