7 Monuments That Should Have Been Desecrated Instead of Forrest’s and Davis’

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Thanks to some legalistic shenanigans by Ungratefuls and their Poultry-Twirling handlers, the parks containing the monuments to Nathan Bedford Forrest and Jefferson Davis in Memphis, Tennessee were sold yesterday for a mere $1000 each. As Tennessee state law disallowed the monuments from being removed from state land, this talmudically cleared the way for butthurt Negroes, Schlomos, and Self-Hating Whites to uproot the statues of General Forrest and President Davis, which they did in the dark of the longest night of the year.

Here at BuzzFash, we stand against the desecration and destruction of monuments to the dead. That said, here are seven monuments we would have rather seen given this ghoulish treatment:

1. The Freedom Riders Monument (Anniston, AL)

Dedicated to uppity coloreds who wouldn’t ride in the back of the bus. You can thank them for the sea of weave, stank, and chirp-phone cacophony you must wade through on any bus in any city in the Current Year.

2. George Washington Carver Monument (Diamond, MO)

Peanut butter probably kills more people annually than any Confederate monument does. Jus’ sayin’.


3. Booker T. Washington Monument (Hardy, VA)

His name sounds like booger. I didn’t have to read up any further.

4. Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad Monument (Woolford, MD)

From the Underground Railroad, to a litter-and-urine-filled subway station near you!

5. W. E. B. DuBois Statue (Nashville, TN)

No nibba needs four names. One will do, like ‘Toby’.

6. “Holocaust” Memorial Statue (Philadelphia, PA)

Adding some much-needed diversity to this list, this statue of “people” burning reminds us that Ungratefuls do not get very far without some (((aid))).

7. Martin Luther King, Jr. Monument (Washington, DC)

We already used a picture of this at the top of the article, so we decided to get the monument to the boozing, whoring, commie Ungrateful from a different angle down here.

Again, no one at BuzzFash condones the destruction of property, because it’s illegal.


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