13 Reasons Why ALL Muslims Have To Go Back

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There’s no easier red pill to swallow than the Islam pill. Hell, get your shitlib coworker drunk and even he’ll grudgingly admit that he loathes smelly camel jockeys. Forget about just banning NEW Muslims: here’s why they ALL have to go back.

1. Trucks of Peace

Vehicles are the hottest road rage among terrorists. They can mow down dozens of White people before getting stopped, and the media refers to the attack as “CAR hits pedestrians,” which is as ludicrous as saying “gun shoots concert attendees.”

2. Mandatory Lies

Under Islam’s taqiyya, Abdul is compelled to lie to non-believers to gain their trust to ultimately defeat them. Unless you’re also a clit-chopper, you can’t believe a single word they say.

3. Kebabs Are Shitty Food

The only discernible benefit to ethnic diversity is the food, and Muslim food is objectively shitty in comparison. Further… WHY IN HELL would you allow someone who wipes their ass with their hand prepare your meal?

4. September 11, 2001

Oh, did you forget about this day? Jews and Muslims would like for you to. But by all means, continue to settle Bin Ladens and their extended families in your White neighborhoods.

Enjoy viewing obese, mustachioed, garbage-bag clad dumpster women waddling through your community.

5. Female Oppression

We at BuzzFash understand that there is great appeal to restoring natural balance between men and women. But jihadis insist on covering up the fine female form because they can’t control themselves from raping women if they glimpse a single curve of their bodies. Fucking animals.

6. Aesthetics

Seriously, who wants to even gaze upon the unappealing visage of a sand nigger? They also stink.

7. No Assimilation

You know as well as we do that these goat fuckers don’t want to assimilate; they plan to invade and take over. This has been documented as their strategy both via their unholy book AND their actions over millennia. Time to wake up.

8. Non-Existent Societal Contribution

Oh, no, what would we do without Habibi as our cab driver or Slurpee slinger… employ our own people?

Their hideous women don’t contribute shit either…while slurping at the American teat. WORSE, they’re breeders whose high birth rates are designed by Islam to replace native populations.

9. They HATE Us

Fez-heads are commanded to hate everyone but their own, or convert you to their pedophilia-supportive doctrine. No matter how much shitlibs virtue signal on their behalf, Muzzies won’t do the same in return.

10. Everything Fun Is Haram

Alcohol, good music, pork, dogs. Like WTF losers.

11. Hypocrites

The “religion of peace” counts on innocent death for access to unwilling virgin pussy in heaven. Muslims murder non-Muslims and no one bats an eye; if a Christian kills a Muslim it’s automatically branded a hate crime, regardless of circumstance. FUCK these people.

12. Stabbings, Shootings, Bombings, Suicide Vests, OH MY!

You didn’t think we’d stop at trucks of peace, did you? Muhammad Martyrs are always exploring more effective and innovative ways to murder you, and White people will keep apologizing on their behalf while having their heads removed from their bodies. WE DON’T HAVE TO PUT UP WITH THIS.

13. Barbarians

After all these centuries, these savages are still throwing people off roofs, cutting off heads, using boys as sex toys, beating their women, raping OUR women, and stoning people to death.


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