5 Diverse Foods You Can Do Without, and the Diverse People that Go With Them

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DIVERSITY IS OUR STRENGTH. Ad nauseum we are pummeled with this baseless and objectively false claim. Your friends are likely to argue that we need diversity because muh Mexican restaurants or muh hummus and pita bread. 

Everyone enjoys a variety of food in their diet, and who are we to say that international foods are bad? The false narrative is that your life is more enriched or satisfying because of the Greek-Lebanese or Thai restaurant around the corner.

Here is a list of foods we are certain that you can do without or learn to prepare on your own. And if you have a family, your life will be richer for having shared a meal at your own table!

Mexican food

1) Once upon a time there wasn’t a Mexican restaurant on every street corner. I’m old enough to remember when taco Tuesday meant that mom had bought an Ortega dinner kit, not that we were going to eat at El Rancho down the street. If you’re really feeling it, there are recipes aplenty on the internet for whipping up a meal from scratch. Besides, most Mexican restaurants are owned by a pajeet anyway. Take it from us, you can live without it!


2) Obviously a meal from a can isn’t the healthiest or the tastiest option, but before there was a Chinese buffet in every small town people were happy grabbing some La Choy at the supermarket. Better yet, some people actually invested in a wok and learned how to cook Chinese food themselves! And can you believe that people back then weren’t miserable and empty inside? I know, I can’t imagine either!


3) Look, I get it. Sushi is really good stuff. And I will concede that sushi is more enjoyable when served in traditional Japanese style according to their customs. Having said that, I contend that white people can become world class sushi chefs if they put their mind to it. I don’t think most people missed not having 5 sushi bars in town only a few decades ago, so unspoil yourself and put your own culture first!

Jamaican jerk

4) Seriously people, it’s just chicken with some spices that you can get in any grocery store. You don’t have to have a bunch of weed smoking Rastafarians living down the street to enjoy this dish now and then.

Irish food

5) We have to put a stop to this madness! There really is no benefit to having so many potato niggers around just so you can enjoy a freedom fry every now and then. Seriously, they have to go!

In all seriousness, America and Europe have a wide variety of traditional foods that we are forgetting how to prepare. The art of cooking per our own customs is a western tradition we must not allow to die. 

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