The Top 5 Episodes of Murdoch Murdoch (So Far!)

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(Left to Alt-Right) <3 Murdoch Chan <3, Dr. Murdoch, Murdoch Murdoch

Here at BuzzFash, we know how difficult it is to find quality redpilled entertainment. However, one source of constant enjoyment is Murdoch Murdoch, the crudely (less-and-less so as time has passed) animated, well-written show produced by a few nebulous shitlords whose YouTube channels keep getting shoahed. Luckily for us, their entire archive is available through the magnanimous hosts over at Cheeky Videos.

Below is this humble author’s definitive ranking of the best five episodes of this masterpiece in klanimation. All are worth watching, and in order, but if your time is limited, start here:

5. Shills

Because who can resist a montage set to Fleetwood Mac’s Go Your Own Way?


4. Meme Magic



3. Nice Guy National Socialist

The only optical way forward, tbh, fam.


2. Revenge of the Murdochs

We’ll leave it at “Put your f*****g mouth on the curb!”


1. Galaxy MM88

If you’re looking for a space-based epic to watch this season, watch this, not (((that other one))).


Again, we suggest watching every video these cool cats ever produce, but begin your journey here. Then move on to the epic meme war pentalogy (the last one is a two-fer so, yes, pentalogy). Then watch it all in sequence. At least six times.

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