7 New Years Resolutions that Might Save a Turbothot from Becoming a Catlady

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Here at BuzzFash we recognize that pozz has corrupted the natural feminine spirit of the modern woman. Young women waste away their prime fertile years whoring for attention, indulging in degeneracy, and living their life like there is no tomorrow. The trouble is that tomorrow eventually comes, and that reckless “no regrets” attitude catches up to them. “Motherhood and modesty” are the two M’s of true femininity, so pass these New Years Resolution tips along to the THOT in your life to save her from Catlady Karma.


1) Of course this goes for everyone, man or woman, but boozing and drugging your life away is a dead end road. Go to any neighborhood bar frequented by Boomers and you’ll see your wrinkled, nicotine stained, lonely alcoholic destiny right before your very eyes. Make changing your ways a priority for the new year.


2) A woman’s vanity knows no bounds, and we recognize that this is human nature. But your beauty will shine through if you stop drinking, smoking, doing drugs, and burning your candle at both ends. Get off the birth control that screws up your hormones, ages you prematurely, and acts as a crutch to delay motherhood. Follow these tips and you will radiate beauty and you won’t feel the need for Botox or other extreme beauty treatments.

Clown Hair

3) Have you ever looked at old photographs of your parents, grandparents, or older relatives when they were young and cringed at the styles they wore? Guess what, what seems cool right now will be cringeworthy in a decade. Traditional hair, color, clothing, and modest makeup will never go out of style no matter what Cosmo tells you. So dye your hair it’s natural color or a luxurious Aryan blond, brown, raven black, or red, and celebrate the diversity of our European heritage!

Silicone implants

4) Hey, the guys here at BuzzFash aren’t faggots. We appreciate a shapely figure, and ample breasts will always mesmerize a man. But if you don’t have the ideal figure, a little time in the gym doing squats, cardio, and resistance training that targets your “assets” will go a long way toward a naturally appealing figure. (P.S., men love women in all healthy shapes and sizes, so don’t obessess because of what (((Cosmopolitan))) says.)

Burning Coal

5) There is nothing more degenerate than a coal burning THOT, and since Pit Bulls are the negro of dogs, we include owning them as pets as a form of mudsharking. Burn the Coal, pay the toll…and that includes loss of respect from most everyone you will ever know, and in the case of both DINDUS and Pit Bulls, could cost you more than just respect; it could cost you your life.

Attention seeking on social media

6) We get it, you have great cleavage. So do a million other THOTS that we have to scroll through on our newsfeed. You really are not the special snowflake you think you are. Put those milkers to the use God intended and have a few white babies!

Cock Carousel

7) Every man you fuck is another man who doesn’t respect you. It won’t take long before you lose your own self respect, become numb and jaded, and ultimately wind up sitting at home with a herd of cats, an empty carton of ice cream, and a whole lot of could-have-beens that should have been.

Take it from us, we want to save you from the feminist hell that awaits you. Family and Wheat Fields could be yours this New Year if you follow our advice! 

Wheat Field


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