The Best Right- (and Lite-) Wing Twitter Accounts Shoahed Today (12/18/17)

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Here, we will keep a running list of the Twitter accounts purged by @jack’s minions. We’ll be updating this as information comes in. While you can, Tweet us @Buzz88Fash any other victims of this horrendous shoah.

For those worried about getting purged, or having their favorite miniblogged updates vanish, follow us on over to gab! And be sure to follow @BuzzFash

The death toll, so far:

  1. @jaydabf (Jayda Fransen, Briatin First leader)
  2. @jartaylor (Jared Taylor)
  3. @amrenaissance (American Renaissance)
  4. @occdissent (Hunter Wallace of League of the South)
  5. @Tradworker (Traditional Workers Party)
  6. @BasedBritish_ (The guy who made that epic mega-tweet exposing some forgotten truths about WWII and Uncle Wolfy)
  7. @gen_identity (Generation Identity)
  8. @ANP14 (American Nazi Party: not our optical cup of tea, but still victims of the doubleplusungood crimethink crackdown)
  9. @MichaelHill51 (Michael Hill, President of League of the South)
  10. @ModerateComment (The prolific alt-right tweeter, Spectre. F.)
  11. @nsm88 (Jeff Schoep, see disclaimer in #8)
  12. @vanamofficial (Vanguard America)
  13. @ottomangroyper (One of the many groypers out there)
  14. @conkergroyper (see #13)
  15. @nordicfrontier (The Nordic Resistance Movement’s podcast)
  16. @goldingbf (Paul Golding of Britain First)
  17. @BritainFirstHQ (Britain First, itself)
  18. @EDLofficialpage (English Defence [Defense for us Amerikaaners] League)
  19. @Buzz88Fash (Yes, us. Apparently the name violates Twitter’s hate rules. Don’t worry, though, we’re back as @Buzz89Fash!)
  20. @UnbowedCoach (The one and only Coach Finstock. Double F. Here’s hoping he’s back soon!)


[Editors’ Note: Being listed above does not mean BuzzFash agrees with said person or group.]

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