5 Fash Approved Vacation Destinations That Aren’t Kosher

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To be such a small percentage of the global population, the Jewish infestation has seemingly spared no country on Earth. There are a handful of countries with relatively low Jewish populations, however. So if you’re looking for an unkiked vacation destination, take a gander at this list. 


1) According to Wikipedia, there are  1,771,558 Nigerians for every Jew. Perhaps this is why Andrew Anglin has chosen Lagos has his base of operations for Daily Stormer. Nigeria may be free from the Heeb, but we suspect living among all those nogs takes its toll.


2) Wikipedia claims that there are  1,076,680 Filipinos for every Jew. That’s a very tolerable number, and might explain why submissive Filipino women are a hot commodity for goy men who tire of judaised western feminism. We would prefer if Manila was a little more vanilla though.



3) The land of the pharaohs boasts one Schlomo for every 5,259,277 sand nibbers. My guess is that once Moses led them to the promised land, they swore they’d never go back. We would love to visit Egypt, but all the KANGZ living there might be a little too much.

North Korea

4) Wikipedia offers no data on the number of Heebs living in North Korea, but since there is no Central bank tied to the (((World Bank))), it is safe to say that the number is exactly zero. North Korea might be a Nazi’s paradise if it weren’t so full of gooks. Perhaps the Juche ideology of nationalism and independence redeems them. You be the judge.


5) Wow there is one European nation that we found with a tolerable Kike to Goy ratio. Iceland only has one Jew per 3,325 people. One small crematorium is all you need to make Iceland a Gentile paradise. (To be used as a garbage incinerator of course) Word is that they could also use some outside white DNA to deepen the gene pool. At any rate we here at BuzzFash declare Iceland the world’s top fashy vacation destination!

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