9 Signs That You’re in a Black Neighborhood (It’s Okay to Notice)

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If you see any of these signs, don’t relax and brace yourself to pay the tax.

1.  Houses go from white and brown to purple and neon-green.

2. You’re at the intersection of Martin Luther King Jr Drive and W. E. B. DuBois Avenue.

3. You can’t prepay at the gas pump.


4. The Pajeet gas station employees are behind a bulletproof barrier.

(Press F for the gas station Koreans in Philly who will soon have their racist bulletproof barriers removed.)

5. There is a “We Accept EBT” sign in every storefront.

Swipe Yo EBT It’s free

6. You need a key to use the bathroom.

Or the bathroom is out of order because Treyvon destroyed it and Tyrone won’t stop smoking crack.

7. Chicken bones and Black & Mild wrappers are all over the ground.

This is not satire…

8. The entire economy consists of liquor stores and African hair braiding stores.

Shaniqua bout to go get her hurr did

9. You’re whispering “WTF” to yourself as you’re driving through this dismal hellhole.

Stay safe out there, fellow White Americans!

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