6 Tweets You Might See from Wes Bellamy if He Was More Grateful

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“Dr.” Wes Bellamy is the Vice-Mayor of Charlottesville, Va. 

It has come to our attention here at BuzzFash that Mr. Bellamy is an ungrateful person and tweets ungrateful things. So we decided to show him the error of his ways and teach him some manners. #6 will knock your socks off!

1) Clearly a more grateful black man would thank the white men of the past who made his modern life possible.

2) Even the most ungrateful people should be aware of the historical events that made modern conveniences possible.

3) A truly grateful man would always remember the reason for the season.

4) A more grateful man would see the error of his ways and pay proper respect to the men who fought for our freedoms.

5) We can only hope that Wes Bellamy sees the error of his ways and offers proper thanks to the white men who saved him from this life.

I think this last one is self explanatory. If this were another timeline, we would tell Wes Bellamy he is more than welcome for the reminder.

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