6 Outfits to Wear in a Wheat Field

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The beauty of the Aryan woman shall never perish from the wheat field, not as long as she wears these fierce outfits when frolicking.

1. Prairie dress

Quintessential tradwife outfit. Don’t forget the fishnet stockings underneath, wink wink.

2. Tweed suit

For those channeling the Eternal Anglo, why not try tweed? It’s like being a racist on the down low.

3. SS uniform

For the hottest optometry, try the #1 erotic fantasy outfit! BuzzFash editors recommend Hugo Boss, but homemade replicas will work too.

4. LARP outfit 

Want to put your Elf Princess dress to 14/88 use? Now’s your chance.

5. Anti-communist freedom fighter uniform

Broke: white women in wheat fields

Woke: anti-communist freedom fighters in wheat fields

6. Eastern European national dress

For those of us with real heritage, it’s a no-brainer. For the 56% Americans, just pick whichever potato country your great great great auntie was from.

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