5 Elle Reeve Tweets That Will Have You Wondering if She is a Nazi

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Elspeth “Elle” Reeve, the prolific VICE columnistra, has earned her place among the litterati for her unbiased, fact-based reporting on the nascent Neo-Nazi movement in America. But what are readers to think when one such luminary gazes into the abyss too long and cannot escape its sultry allure?

The following heart-chilling quotes will have you searching your soul, and Elle’s, for decades to come:

1. “…humanize inhumanity[!]”

Tweeting out a picture of Adolf Hitler, while including this phrasing, would have been enough to convict the least of the Nazis at Nuremberg. Maybe Elle figured that 70 years passed would be enough to wash the stain away from this sentiment. I will leave it to our readers to disagree or not.

2. “[Burn] y’all real good”

Whether Elle meant to impugn the character of Roy Moore’s wife, Mrs., remains unclear. However, what is abundantly clear here is that Mx. Reeve is insensitive to the fact that 6 million (+) Jews were literally “burn[ed]” to death in the Holocaust. Maybe next time, she ought to ask Mariska Hargitay to go for a Mother’s Day ride with the “top off”!

3. “500 more statues of Robert E Lee[!]”

Reeve, an alumna of the University of Missouri (a slave state), cannot help but reveal her Rebel roots with this Tweet. No further exposition is necessary here.

4. “Charlottesville was a false flag”

No one at BuzzFash can confirm or deny whether Elle Reeve is a listener of The Paranormies, nor whether she dons an actual tin foil hat. One can only speculate from this Tweet that she/xe/ze caps her/xir/zerself with the occasional aluminum yarmaluke.

5. “Thank you to all who [marched for Lee in] Cville [… the] work of my talented friends”

Ugh, those of us here at BuzzFash cannot even with this Tweet. While covering (alleged) notorious mass-gasser Christopher Cantwell, Elle must have been hypnotized by the shine of his skinhead dome. Whether this is generic Stockholm Syndrome, or something more sinister in her Weltanschauung, has yet to be determined.

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