11 Tweets That Prove Paul Nehlen is /Ourguy/

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American politicians and would-be statesmen who support actual Americans are already few and far between. Those who come to the defense of White Americans (i.e. those descended from the nation’s founding stock, plus or minus some WOPs and Polacks) are virtually non-existent. That is, until now.

Enter Paul Nehlen, the factory-worker-turned-engineer-turned-businessman looking to unseat Paul Ryan (JOP – WI, 1st District) in next year’s congressional election. While Nehlen led an unsuccessful campaign against the Munster boy in 2016, his debut on the scene was loud like a bomb and had us all literally shaking (in joy or terror).

Nehlen ran as a tough guy looking to whip America back into its former shape, and since his loss (funded heavily by the chickenswingers backing Ryan) has begun to make explicit paeans to White Americans and their sense of self-preservation.

Below are 11 of his best and most recent Tweets displaying his White skin in the political game:

1 – The One in Which We Battle the Dusky Hordes

2 – The One in Which Paul Preaches the Gospel to (((John)))

3 – The One in Which Snark is Answered with a Promise

4 – The One in Which the Correct Answer is Staring White at You

5 – The One in Which Ryan and His Boyfriend Scott Taylor (Powerbottom – Carpetbaggia) are Exposed as Traitors

6 – The (Other) One in Which It’s Okay to be White

7 – The One in Which There is Only One Solution Here, to be Honest, Fam

8 – The One in Which the PIV POV Takes Precedence

9 – The One in Which an Inbred Camel Jockey Forgets His Own People’s History of Slavery

10 – The One in Which Biblical References are Made Great Again

11 – The One in Which Nehlen Gives (((John))) Well-Needed Dieting Advice

(The commies over at Twitter deleted this last one, so a screenshot for posterity had to do.)

Nehlen shows he will stand up for you, White man. If you want to return the favor, visit his campaign site and throw some shekels his way.




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