In Light of Overpopulation, Was the Holocaust a Blessing in Disguise?

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IT HAS COME TO MY ATTENTION that many helpful Jewish journalists and community-relations mavens in America and Europe believe there are too many white people.

Some Jews say that perhaps we should quit reproducing altogether, because we simply contribute to overpopulation.

Now, reproduction has never been a core concern of my own makeup (no offspring, only child of only children; my grandparents were only children too, unless you count one congenital idiot sibling). So, except for my own heritage and kinfolk, I don’t really have dog in this race.

Be that as it may. I wish to draw your attention to the story of the “Holocaust” (as it has been titled since the NBC miniseries of that name in 1978).

Some argue that that it is fact, and that 6 million, or 12 million, or 16 trillion (numbers vary) Jews in Eastern Europe were gassed to death by the Germans during the early 1940s. Others say the tale is mere cynical fancy and a means of extortion.

Personally I don’t know. I don’t take sides in these things. I’m an artist, not a controversialist.

But you must admit: if such a thing were true, it would have to be a blessing in disguise, would it not? Think of all the natural resources and rare habitats that may have been saved as a result. ‘Tis an ill wind that blows no one any good!

For all we know, the Pripet Marshes would be all paved over by now, or a toxic waste dump, or turned into a Chernobyl factory!

Of course, I just toss these ideas out for discussion.

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About the author: Ian Ambrose Stuart Dowdy is a retired portrait painter and knows quite a bit about art. Today he can be found giving art advice on the steps of the Art Students League, or shopping for new brushes.